We believe technology will be key for Financial Institutions to transition to Net Zero targets and that open and cloud-based frameworks will accelerate and optimise their journey.


Data and IT infrastructure are the 2 major challenges for banks that need to assess their climate-related positions and risks to meet their Net Zero targets and reporting needs and obligations, under the growing pressure of regulators around the world.


Our Saas platform offers a straight-forward solution to manage climate risk and reporting.

  • Collect borrowers and climate-related data.
  • Process and validate Taxonomy Data, including certificates.
  • Compute the alignment with the EU Taxonomy (Green Asset Ratio).
  • Evaluate the impact of the climate risk on the Loan Book.


Saas technology allows financial institutions to cater for architectural challenges by providing an open solution that can be easily integrated with their infrastructure and help them onboard and action vast amounts of data from various sources. That is the best path to deliver granular and flexible reports on their loan books.


The Amalthea platform relies on standard interfaces to all data providers and Open APIs to easily integrate new and specific data sources.

Amalthea promotes open source where possible and integrates Green RWA modelisation to assess climate-related financial risk and strategy.

Platform Benefits

Fast and complete implementation of reporting and risk management, in line with regulation as the EU taxonomy and onboarding of new risk models.

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why amalthea?

In Greek mythology, Amalthea is the goat who fed Zeus with her milk as he was hiding from his own father Chronos – who had the bad habit of eating his children to stop time. We chose this name in the context of climate tech as symbolizing both the substitution capacity (the goat milk for the woman milk) for new energy and tech and the move from a disorderly to an orderly world.


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