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Unlock the Power of Climate & Environmental Data! Experience Amalthea’s unique access point for normalized, traceable, certified, and interoperable climate data.

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As banks dive deeper into their efforts to mitigate climate risk and cope with climate regulation, they need a trusted partner to provide comprehensive climate & environmental data coverage for their activities.

With our extensive network of data providers, you’ll have access to the information you need to make informed decisions, from scouting to delivery, and everything in between.

Data Partners and Integration Capacity

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We constantly extend our reach and partners network so as a data provider, feel free to reach out if you want to join our platform.

Coverage Service: map instantly your borrower portfolio with existing data from all providers – line by line and column by column.

Data  Market Place Tool

About our Platform

The data marketplace is a data aggregation tool that helps banks find data in the listed market and prepare a clean and enriched copy of these. For SMEs data, please see SMEs’ Hub.

Our set of REST APIs then allows for banks to re-distribute these where needed internally. No need for multi-connectivity building or operational mistakes: banks have access to a fully traceable, auditable, and assurable climate & environmental data set to replicate or re-distribute internally.


Seamless Integration

Acting as a technological pass-through, we seamlessly bridge the gap between diverse data sources and your bank, simplifying the integration process and ensuring smooth data flow.

Coverage service

Contextually analyze data coverage and quality from multiple providers with Amalthea. Gain actionable insights to optimize your coverage while reducing costs.


Unleash Data Discoverability: Explore the wealth of data available by suppliers with Amalthea. Dive into diverse data sources within a unified framework.


Powerful Analytics for Informed Decisions: Amalthea delivers comprehensive analytics on consumption, data quality, and benchmarking, empowering your business with actionable insights.


Harness the shared consumption to provide and consume feedback on data quality with Amalthea’s innovative scoring feature. Leverage the collective intelligence of data users to enhance data quality. 


Amalthea empowers you to monetize your data consumption by offering feedback to data providers. Your insights become a valuable asset, creating a mutually beneficial relationship.

About Platform

Contextually analyze data coverage and quality from multiple providers with Amalthea. Gain actionable insights to optimize your coverage while reducing costs. Contextually analyze data coverage and quality from multiple providers.
  • Taxonomy
  • Scope 1 and 2
  • Scope 3
  • Temperature Alignment
  • Physical Risk
  • Transition Risk
  • Biodiversity
  • Asset Localisation
Our dictionary defines a single unified framework to leverage climate & environmental data to all providers.
We map all these to the Amalthea dictionary.
You can visualize and navigate  the data structure in the interactive data graph.
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We are continuously extending our reach globally, in all regions, for all regulations, and all kind of data, as long as they relate to climate and sustainability. Feel free to contact us if you want to be part of our marketplace.