Data Market Place

Banks’ needs for climate data are extensive and deep.

This will require them to partner with a large number of data providers to cover their activities, specifically on the banking book. That comes with lots of complexities, from scouting for data to delivery in their internal systems for risk and reporting, coping with new data and structure along the whole value chain.

The data marketplace is a data aggregation tool that helps banks identify data in the market and prepare a clean and enriched copy of these.

Our set of REST APIs then allows for banks to re-distribute these where needed internally. No need for multi-connectivity building or operational mistakes: banks have access to a fully traceable, auditable, and assurable climate data set to replicate or re-distribute internally.

Data Market Place

Normalised, traceable, certified, interoperable climate data with unique access point.


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Temperature Alignment

Climate Physical Risk

Transition Risk


Asset Localisation

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Data Partners

See the list of partners who are trusting us with their data sets.

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We are continuously extending our reach globally, in all regions, for all regulations, and all kind of data, as long as they relate to climate and sustainability.
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